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unboy's Journal

8 July
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Basically I am a manifestation of parts of my mom and parts of my dad.

acetate, acid jazz, action figures, addiction, adult, alton miller, amon tobin, angora, aphex twin, aqua teen hunger force, arguing, aspartame, bad porn, bass, big hair, blackstarr, blind date, boards of canada, body image, body language, body mods, booty calls, buy the pound, camp, carbohydrates, carpet remnants, cats, christopher guest, coldplay, collage, common, condiments, conversation, cuddling, dancing, david bowie, david lynch, depeche mode, detroit, dj shadow, dollar stores, downtempo, dry humping, etta james, everything but the girl, evolution, experimentation, eye contact, fashion, fashion police, felix da housecat, feminism, fila brazilia, found art, garbage picking, gene farris, ghetto booty, goodwill, homestarrunner, ian pooley, incense, informercials, interior decorating, irony, jazzanova, john waters, judy blume, karma, kinder surprises, king kooba, kitsch, kruder & dorfmeister, kurt vonnegut, label whore, ladytron, lazy dog, leg warmers, letraset, mac, mark grant, miguel migs, miss kittin, mockumentaries, moodymann, morcheeba, mr scruff, mr show, nightmares on wax, oral fixation, orange, owen ray pugface, paxil, people watching, perversion, phone sex, photography, plaid, playgroup, pop culture, procrastination, psychology, radiohead, rae & christian, reality tv, religious iconography, renovation, roald dahl, ron trent, roy davis jr, royksopp, sam cooke, sarcasm, saved by the bell, scavanging, self deprecation, sexual tension, shopping, sigur ros, slick rick, slowdive, snoop doggy dogg, sobriety, south park, st germain, stereolab, steve buschemi, stock photography, streetcars, strongbad, swearing, talib kweli, terrence parker, terry southern, tetris, the smiths, thievery corporation, toronto, tosca, trading spaces, trailer park boys, trip hop, triumph the insult comic, unkle, untalkative bunny, vegetarianism, vice, white trash